Gender Spectrum Voice & Language Modification

Our voice is a personal and individual expression of our identity.  I use an integrative approach by using both clinical strategies and holistic techniques to help my clients create transformative change.  I work with anyone who identifies as a member of the transgender community, non-binary, cisgender or simply anyone who wishes to explore feminising, masculinising, or gender-neutralizing their voice and communication.  Find your authentic voice by learning the skills associated with gender self-alignment in your voice, language and communication.  Gender spectrum voice, language and communication training may include targeting the following domains:  


  • Pitch modification

  • Resonance

  • Speech-rate

  • Intonation  

  • Articulation

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Language choice & speaking style

  • Natural carryover to conversation    

Accent Modification

Develop your effective communication skills by improving your pronunciation and clear articulation of Standard American English.  I incorporate use of a traditional articulation approach as well as Compton PESL proven methods of accent and pronunciation modification techniques recommended by the Institute of Language & Phonology.  Areas of focus include articulation, rhythm, rate, stress, intonation patterns and self-rating to achieve greater speech clarity.


Achieve personal and professional advancement by increasing your speech clarity as you follow a personalized treatment plan that carefully leads you through a natural progression of producing Standard American English speech sounds in words, phrases, sentences and natural carryover to conversation.                  


Social Communication

Enhance your close relationships, spontaneous social encounters and authentic connection with others. Develop ease in your ability to feel calm while holding an energizing and effective conversation.  Strengthen your perspective taking, reciprocity, interpretation of nonverbal cues and social-emotional regulation to have a fulfilling and enjoyable interaction.  I support my clients within private one-on-one practice, feedback within real-time social interactive scenarios and the use of unique improvisation techniques to develop carryover of skills within spontaneous social situations.  

Public Speaking & Corporate Communication

Do you get nervous, lose your train of thought, experience breakdown or rapid speech rate when speaking in front of others?  I provide the support and teaching of specific strategies and techniques to help you move your professionalism to the next level.  

To be an engaging and dynamic speaker in today's workplace is essential.  Captivate your listeners from the first word you speak to the last word.  Make a long-lasting impression that elicits emotional connection, creates impact and influences your audience to connect with your meaning and your truth.


It can be easy to trick ourselves with our words, especially our inner words.  Our inner dialogue plays more of a crucial role in our daily experiences than many of us might think.  Whether said silently in our minds or spoken out loud, words create our perception of our daily experiences and our perception of our lives as a whole.   

Learn to reframe the words you use toward yourself to design your experience of life to its highest potential.  Knock down self-communication barriers by carefully analyzing the context of your words as they come up in a variety of situations.  Using various writing and speaking techniques, as well as integrative behavior modification strategies applied to sentence reframing, you will be able to experience fulfilling transformation in the way you interact, respond, and communicate.    

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